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Monday, February 15, 2010

OMG its 2010!

I feel like such a slacker! Its already been a heck of a year and we're only the middle of February. Lots of things to look forward to though. Hollywood is doing another chess tourney on Wednesday in Corning and has Baseball tryouts for Farm League on Saturday. Blondy is enamored with videogames right now but is interested in horseback riding and I just need to find a facility I feel comfortable with to start lessons and is doing great at rollerskating. We hope to take them to Shasta to learn to ski over the Spring Break. Both the boys are doing very well in school but this new "Everyday Math" concept at school is so far from the way I learned math in 2nd and 4th grades that I'm having some trouble helping them with homework. I find myself keeping every peice of paper explaining a concept in hopes of finally understanding. I don't seem to be getting very far.

FFP is working as usual and there is no real hunting season going on so he's been home a lot. Our Friend "Huntin' Buddy (HB)" and his son "Junior" have been spending a lot of time with us, trading favors when we need them or when we do. Lots of tree cutting and dinners made with them and I'm thankful for them both. FFP has made an amazing friend and I'm thankful for him although sometimes this brofriend thing gets a little old. LOL Hubby is looking forward to Elk hunting this fall and helping out with Baseball this spring. Hopefully his buddy will come through and he can get some pig hunting in, my wild pig supply in the freezer is dwindling rapidly.

HB and Jr. have become an intergral part of our family. We all look forward to the time spent with them. Dinner and Wii time about once a week (or more) to catch up has been the nice routine we've made with them. Its been a rough few months for them. Unfortunately HB found out that his wife was seeing someone else right before Thanksgiving and I've been a little bit furious at her actions and the way she has treated them and her friends. One negative toxic friendship scratched off this list. Glad to have HB and Jr in our lives though. They had dinner with us last night and the bottle of wine was just what I needed after a really crappy week.

I've still got my running buddies although I'm out of the running loop due to injury. I just volunteered for my first race as water station with my boys for the Habitat for Humanity Home Run 5K. I'm looking forward to helping more with this charity as well as the Local Livestrong Campaine this fall and the Avon Walk with Breast Cancer this summer where I will do my first stint as a crew member with Good Neighbor. I'm active in a book club as well as various activities around the kids school. I'm hoping to start with KOR the Kettlebell class again this spring to get my strength back after this strange injury.

I guess thats all for now. A little update with more to come soon.

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