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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I should be at church

But I am all cut up from a fall on my long run yesterday and can't wash my hair. The whole right side, including my knee and arm from wrist to elbow are all cut up and the thought of getting back in the shower after the excruciating pain from washing out my wounds yesterday is just too much. I know God doesn't care if I have clean hair but I do.

FFP is working a 96 this week. He had to pay back a trade so I could do the Avon Walk so Friday was free, normal shift Sat, OT today (so few and far between he thought he should take it) and regular shift on Monday. Ugh. I miss him. The boys miss him.

The kids are ready for their first full week of school. I'm not. I need to go shopping for food before this big week. I forget how I hate making lunches for Blondy. He is so picky. I wish he would eat something besides cereal and bagels and the occasional PB&J. Hollywood wants me to send him to school with Sushi.

Did you see the post from the first day of school? (aren't my boys too cute?!) and the crazy big spider in our front yard?


CewTwo said...

Wow! You are having a time of it! I ran 4 miles on a local trail during my long run but had to take it very slow over the snow, ice and mud. There was quite a bit.

Thanks for the update, Tina. I'll update you on the site later today!

Take it easy with those cuts and bruises. I've been there. It ain't sweet!


CewTwo said...

Congratulations on your marathon Decenber 6th! What an achievement!