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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy UnValentines Day to you

The most we get into Valentines day is buying the kiddos the little sugar filled Vcards for their classes. The hubby and I would rather do random acts of love throughout the year than to devote the same day as everyone else does to declare our unabiding adoration for one another. As it is I have memorized so many different anniversaries of our courtship to marriage that Valentines day seems very obsolete. On February 3rd he brought me a dozen roses because it was 15 years to the day from the day we met. April 14th will be 15 years since our first Date and our first Kiss. December 19th 1997 was the date we got engaged. so on and so forth.

This last year we didn't do anything for our 10 year wedding anniversary because it was summer time and the FFP is a firefighter and we were keeping our fingers crossed for a strike team. We did get away to LV for a few days right after Christmas and it was so nice to spend one on one time together while on Vacation... by ourselves. We haven't done that since our Honeymoon nearly 11 years ago. Not that we don't usually have time alone together, I mean with me a stay at home mom and him working 10 days a month the time the kids are at school are well spent. We run errands together, go to coffee toether, go to lunch, clean up the house or the yard, watch a movie... you know the typical. We have spent more one on one time together in the last two years than most of the rest of our marriage combined. I'm a little spoiled. So when I renounce Vday in lieu of an evening with friends and Wii you understand. I would rather have those little sweet moments all year than a day that requires a card, flowers (that I love to get not on the same day as everyone else) or candy (dark Chocolate please) dictated by Halmark.

Love you babe.You are my sunshine, my strength and my knight in shining armour still after all these years. 15 years and 12 days ago I met the man of my dreams and I wouldn't want to change a moment of being in your arms.

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