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Thursday, October 23, 2008


In general my husband isn't an Ass. I mean he has his moments but for the most part is a sweet caring supportive guy. But ... right now he's a Jackass X10.

We went on two vacations this year. We went to Disneyland and to Seattle as a family. He took 5 days off of work to go to Colorado this week with his dad and his brother to hunt Deer and Elk. I had no problem letting him go. This week wasn't bad. We all missed him but with our little routine it all went pretty smoothly. Today he calls on his way home (he left this morning and will be home sometime tomorrow afternoon) to tell me that its his turn to pick his vacation time and to check to see if any times in October are available. I asked him if we were going to NOT take the kids to Disneyland or NOT take a 10 year anniversary vacation if he goes to Colorado. He told me to do what I want. GRRRR....

Mistake 1.
While you are on your way home with 3 deer and 2 elk in your truck from Colorado where you just spent a week with your dad and brother while your wife is home with your sick kids running the house... DO NOT ASK TO TAKE THAT SAME VACATION NEXT YEAR!

So I get online and check to see what times are available to take vacation. I see that the only week that is taken in February is the week that the kids are off and that we could go to Disneyland. One of those three guys to took that rotation off doesn't have kids. WHAT THE HELL? In my frustration I call him back and he totally chews ME OUT. I called because I was sad and frustrated. He asked what he could do from there. That there was nothing he could do about it and that to pick another time. I didn't even get to say that there was NO OTHER TIME THE KIDS ARE OFF SCHOOL TO TAKE VACATION!

Mistake 2
Snap at your wife. He always calls when he's frustrated with me to roll things around in his head, to get it out, to process it. Its usually not at a good time for me. But he's my husband so I listen and cook dinner and help the kids with homework and do the dishes or laundry all at the same time. HE'S EFING DRIVING!

mistake 3
Snap at your wife over vacation pix while you are on vacation and she probably won't get one next year... asshole.

He calls back. "sorry I was grumpy earlier".

Yea, whatever.

hang up and send him this text message so I don't have to talk to him til later.

"I've been home while u r on vacation 4 a week. I didn't ask you 2 fix it
only 2 listen to my frustration . I'll remember 2 snap @ u next time u call me
about something I have no power over but trying to help the kids with homework
or get dinner on the table. Ya I'm pissed. I'll talk to u tonight."

Do you think he got it? He had better have.


P.O.M. said...

He better come home with freakin' flowers. Or at least some major butt kissing.
MEN. Ger.

Jess said...

Oh, I have a friend who just experienced the exact same scenario with her husband, but it was duck hunting in North Dakota.

What you gotta do now is say that he owes YOU a "girl" vacation without him or the kids so he can see what it's like to stay home and run the house without you.

LaiLani Ali said...

boys are dumb. it's just an unavoidable fact. nothing we can do about it! I love the heck out of em though.