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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Winding down

The Hubby, his Papa and Brother have finished the "MAN HUNT" after defeating and dragging home their kill today. I was told this morning to "clean out the freezer woman! I'm bringing home MEAT!" OHHH lucky me. I'm so glad he's coming home. Not so happy that I have to clean out the freezer tomorrow on top of everything else. So I'll go for my run, I'll clean out the freezer then take a shower. I'll clean the house and help the kiddos with their homework and maybe even feed them a nutritious dinner tomorrow night instead of just snacking after school til bedtime like we have been doing. At least we have been snacking healthy, apple slices with peanut butter, veggies with ranch dressing,Breakfast in the evening, ohhh the Costco Pizza. I guess not the last one. So anyone like Venison and Elk? apparently I'll have a whole freezer full of it by Saturday.

While the hubby has been gone I finished the 2nd,3rd and 4th books in the Twilight series. I loved them. I thought some of the reviews were pretty harsh and these books were a lot better than some of the books I read in Jr. High and High School. So as far as being geared for young adult I thought that they were appropriate. Of course I have boys, I don't think I have to worry about them reading them when they get old enough. They are definitely geared towards girls. It will be interesting to see when the movie comes out.

I was a bit bugged by how dense the character Bella was but then again I was pretty dense in High school too. Actually I should say I was in denial about some things and it was just easier to play dumb then to see some things for what they were. I understand that. I also understand the whole falling in love in High School. I met FFP my Junior year, I told my friend that night I was going to marry him. I was engaged at 19 and married at 21. I wasn't much older then Bella when that part of my life came together. Today I'm struggling with being scared to go back to school. I know today I will be much more of a persistent student. I don't think this book is going to make girls go out and marry the boy they are with so they can have sex like some of the reviews have said. How silly. You don't thinks girls are sleeping with boys before they get married,umm... before they say I love you,... Um ... on the first date or at a party? Where ever these people are who write the reviews are not in reality themselves. Lets just throw a bunch of Vampires and American Indians who turn into wolves into the mix. Does it seem fathomable now? UGH.

Easy reads I could not put down. I'm no more intelligent for reading them but they had deep character content and an engaging plot. So if you are tired (like I am) of reading some heavy material and just need a break you can pick up this series about a vampire family ( who doesn't drink human blood) and a girl who falls in love with their whole family and leave your boring little life for a little town called Fork, Washington for a few hours. I did


P.O.M. said...

Oh yummmmmy! Have you ever made jerky with it? I'm a big fan of the jerky (meat and men). ha ha.

TinaGirl said...

no but the BIL does (make jerky that is) and I love it. I'll leave the meat making to him. LOL

James (your cousin) said...

Hahahaha? Dense then?