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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seattle Rocks

We took a vacation to the Seattle Area to visit some frienda who moved there about a year and a half ago and to see my sista, BIL and the fam. We had a great time.

It only took 11 hours to actaully drive up there with a stop in Medford for Breakfast and snacking the rest of the way. We met the Maurus Family when Hollywood was in Kindergarten with Harrison. They moved up to the Seattle Araa when Jim took a possition with Boing. Anyway, seeing them was wonderful, like we see them everyday. I really feel like we need more time with them but I was anxious to see my sista, the kiddo's and go to Seattle for the day too. The great thing about this vacation is that we only had to get one nights hotel room on the way home.

anyway we had tri-tip the first night, yummy yummy and the kids played like no time had ever gone by. We got to visit, and play. Tracey and Jim are like home... its so natural to be with them. On Tuesday Tracey and I went for a 4.25 mile walk through her neighborhood and up this steep ass hill. Crazy pushing the stroller but Baby Bea is so worth it. It felt good since I didn't think I'd have any time to run on this vacation.

Then we went to the Museum of Flight. There are different wings of the museum and even an outdoor area where the first Air Force One is on display. FFP and I could have spent HOURS in the WWI and WWII fighter plane area. There were so many stories and planes from so many places in there you could stay for days. We went to the other areas where there were fighter jets and "carplanes" to see too. there was a moc cockpit on two different fighter jets you could sit in and "pretend" you were flying. The kids had a great time and thank you to Tracey and the kids for taking us.

We took them out for dinner that night at a place called The Rock. It had yummy pizza and salad there to enjoy. We bought to thank the Maurus family for their hospitality. Tracey and I had a drink, then Jim ordered us "jello shots" out of huge syringes (wish I had a pic of that). Tracey said they would be expert Jello shot makers by the time we came up there again. We talked about their Disney Time share a bit and headed off to bed.

Wednesday we got up packed up and drove to the Ferry to take the trip to Seattle with the Sista's fam. I... DO.... NOT... LIKE... BOATS. Mostly because I don't like water. But I don't like the feeling of being on a boat either. The swaying and the sloshing noise just make me want to puke. The thought of having to swim to shore if something happend just freaks me out. Yea I know, I'm a pansy but at least I can admit it.I thanked God for dry land and headed for Pikes Market. The flowers were georgous, the flying fish were increadable. I was amazed and had we not had so many people to keep track of I could have spent so long piddling around there. I stoped at Market Spice and got myself and a friend some yummy orange tea. The taste is amazing and I don't need to sweeten the tea at all. We then headed for Safeco Field to see a Mariners game. How fun was that?!?! It was amazing. I'm wierd I know. I love the feel of being at a major league game. Of course I don't like the price of ONE MIKES HARD LEMONADE at $7.50 a pop. OUCH. but the boys each got a hat and a foam finger and the Twims Kicked their asses so it was all a good time. Headed back home on the Ferry and tried really hard not to have a panic attack.

We ate at Famous Daves. YUMMY and I I had a great big margarita with my ribs. I drank alcohol on EVERY day of this vacation. I have never done that before. I don't think I've even ever drank two days in a row before. EVER. LOL.

We went to a Zoo typed place on Friday, it had indigenous animals to the NorthWest there. all the "Preditory" and/or smaller animals were in open enclosures like a zoo and the larger grazing animals you took a tram around to see them in their natural habitat. Out in the free roam area there were Deer, Bison, Elk, Caribou, Big horned sheep and lots more. The kids loved all the animals and we really did have a great time there.

Sista and BIL took us to this Japaneese resturant like a Benni Hana where they cook all the food for you right there at the table. It was a lot of fun. The kids thought it was great. the food was wonderful and so was the company. I wish I had taken pix. Next time maybe.

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CewTwo said...

I love Seattle. I have a brother that lives there. The space needle is a regular visit when we go. So is Pike Place Market. The place is amazing!

I'm glad the kids liked it, too! How was the weather? My brother tells me that people get depressed when it doesn't rain for a while!