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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm having a pretty darn good day

My kiddo's had a great first week of school. Blondy doesn't seem to mind being at school all day long although I do need to figure out how to get him to eat more while he's there. He loves his teacher and has lots of new friends. His teacher is very artistic and I'm looking forward to the things he brings home this year.

Hollywood has a wonderful teacher and is so excited about 3rd grade. He's picking out challenging books and looking forward to a year of new and exciting adventures. I'm so excited for him. He has some of his really good friends in class with him and some in other classes too. Thats putting us in a position to meet new families and make new friends as well. One of Hollywoods friends is getting a new little sister this winter and all the kids (and parents too) are super excited about it.

I feel like they are prepared. Although we didn't do anything specifically educational we did do a lot of reading and looking up on the Internet about animals they are interested in or just talked about how things aren't the same here as in China where the Olympics are being held. We talked about sports and they swam in the local summer team program. I am so proud of them. They are becoming strong independent and sweet little boys.

Today we took them out and bought them new shoes and new socks. They are pretty full on the clothes front so I thought I would wait a few weeks to see what they needed after the crowds part a bit. They will need pants but its still 100*F out there. OUCH! I hate to even have to ask them to try them on. I will need to buy something before pictures next week I guess since nothing they own is a solid color.

Now next week the real homework piles on. I think I'm ready.

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