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Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

The FFP is working a 72 hour shift this weekend so I get the kiddos to myself. Hopefully tomorrow we will head up to the parents house so I can get my 4 miles in before my long run on Sunday.

All in all school year has started off on the right foot. Hollywood really likes his class and his teacher. He's reading a bunch and doing GREAT in math. I'm so proud of him. Although we are only two and a half weeks in we have yet to have a problem with our chatter box.

Blondy got a wonderful teacher too. She is so sweet and creative. Just what he needs. He is having issues with his penmanship but we are working on that. He always comes home with a funny story from (the Barry Patch) class.

The other day Gpa Deual taught the boys this little rhyme he learned as a boy. Here it goes:

Birdy, Birdy in the sky
Please don't poop in my eye
I don't care, I won't cry
I'm just glad
that elephants don't fly

Blondy has told everyone possible this little gem and repeats it several times a day. Lucky us!

If you want to hear another funny but true story about the crazy girls at our local gym head on over to my other blog to hear all about the Thursday Night Princesses

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lailani said...

That is an excellent rhyme! Kids are so much fun.