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Friday, July 18, 2008

Lady in Pink

The funny thing is I don't particularly like pink. I feel the need to wear it because its femimine and I have a testosterone filled house that needs ballance. I'm also commited to finding a cure for Breast Cancer which includes LOTS AND LOTS of PINK. I much prefer RED. But whatever. Pink makes me feel like a girl. I have had comment after comment about my PINK running attire while running with my 10k group. They can spot me a mile away. I've been called "the lady in pink", The pretty pink runner," just "PINK" and I'm sure other names too. I've been asked if there are any other colors in my wardrobe, I've answered that pink is only in my running wardrobe and very little in my everyday clothing but find myself wearing my running clothes all day so I don't have to chance mid afternoon then change again after a workout. Its sinking into my head, and my closet. Hubby hangs my running clothes (so I can't find them, even though I have ALWAYS put them in the armoir) so there are splashes of pink when I look for everyday clothes. My favorite cloud socks are trimmed in pink... My favorite hat, my first AWBC hat from 4 years ago is PINK. I got a new hat that is brown trimmed and embroidered in PINK. So if you see me running past you wave, I generally say hello, good morning or evening to everyone I pass. You'll recognize me, I'll be the girl in PINK.


P.O.M. said...

I used to never wear pink. Then I wore a pink sweater out to a bar and all these guys were hitting on me. I think it says that I'm soft and feminine and probably nicer than I am. ha ha. I still dont' have much pink, but a few pieces here and there - also mostly workout stuff.

Diane said...

Taaaaaaag. You're it!

<3 Diane

LaiLani Ali said...

pink is lovely! I don't wear much of it, but when I do, I feel saucy.