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Friday, June 20, 2008

I am but a speck of sand

I don't feel like the world revolves around me. I don't feel like I am entitles to more than I have earned. I feel that those who deserve recognition should get it and those who don't but get it anyway are facing karma in a bad way. I feel that I am a piece of a very large puzzle with every piece being different but just as important as the next no matter the size or color or difference. I would hope that those I loved valued my opinion but made their own choices for whats best for themselves and their families. I would hope that those who live in their own "lands" would think of others but I know, because they are different than myself, that its not the way life works.

I am tired of those people who have entitlement issues pushing their feeling and opinions on others to make themselves look good or feel superior. I see it every day. I used to be at the other end of it at work every day and now my kids seem to think that they can talk to me that way. Well honey, that ain't gonna happen. You get PS2 time when you deserve it. You get a new game when You earn it. You get to go and do fun things with your friends if and only if you have earned that privilege.

For the rest of you. I hope you think about the weight and future consequences of your actions and words before you jump in with two feet or speak them. I hope you understand that what you hear or see may be taken out of context. I hope you grow up ... although I doubt you ever will.

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P.O.M. said...

Amen Sista!
People with entitlement and "perpetual victim" issues can not play in my sandbox!