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Friday, June 13, 2008


The Humbolt fire raged through the canyon, up to Paradise at Neal Road where it completely destroyed the Surgeon and wifes home and moved on toward my parents house. We had come to the realization that the house had to be gone. We prepared ourselves for the worst. This morning we got a call that changed all that. T called to tell us that her husband C (PG&E) checked on my parents house and it was still there. My mom lost it. Finally the relief and let down of emotions we needed.

They are there now. Checking out the property. Not a thing burned. But the thought of our friends who lost their home for the second time in 5 years in so sureal and lies heavy on our hearts. They lost their home in Mississippi to Huricane Katrina. They had 4 days warning to get all their stuff together. Tuesday they had no time. She got the dogs, made sure the kids were in Chico and so was Hubby and she left. Walked away from this second life they made after starting over again. I cannot believe it. I'm still in shock.

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P.O.M. said...

Oh my gosh. How scary. Thank goodness your fam is safe.