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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My uncle is feeling better in general. Actually today was his scan to check for any spread of the cancer and his appointment is on Friday with is surgeon. If it shows that it has spread they may go to SF for a second opinion (knowing just enough to be scared and not enough to make a fair opinion I say ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION). Anyhow, the scan machine wasn't working and my aunt and uncle had to wait around and for someone who is waiting for a machine to tell them how their life is going to change and then its not working when you get there, you could image he was ... um, MAD. Who could blame him. I hope and pray it shows everything is clear.
Hollywood played a wonderful baseball game on Tuesday night. He's hitting and fielding wonderful. Such a big change from the little kids having trouble hitting the balls off the T's just two years ago. They are actual baseball players with wonderful teamwork and team spirit. I am so proud of him.
Both Hollywood and Blondy have shown such human emotion and compassion lately. their little friend broker her arm and the first thing they did was grab my (expensive scrapbook) paper and make her a card. They have been using their manners and asking each others opinions about things. Why do they have to grow up so fast?
I went running with Laura, my running partner, again today. its so nice to run with someone. we can talk and jog along and push it a little farther each time or each week. I think this will help with my training (as long as I can keep up with her since she seems to be better at getting the between alone runs in better than I do). I really need to work on strength training and core once a week just isn't cutting it. maybe there will be a class while the kids are at Karate tomorrow, or I can just RUN by myself. That would be nice too.

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