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Monday, April 07, 2008

Cancer sucks

With tears in my eyes I write this post. Although everything may turn out fine these last few weeks have been heavy in our hearts waiting for word of what to do next.

We are no strangers to cancer, or I should say, it is no stranger to us. It has invaded our family leaving a path of survivors and memories of those who fought to the end before being consumed by it. Tomorrow my Uncle will take a test to see if this disease has spread or was confined to his stomach. He has already endured one surgery and with the pathology report back we know that more tests and most likely more surgeries are to follow soon. My Grandma has been doing quite well considering she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure many years ago but after a too much time going by with irragular heartbeats its time to get a pace maker. One will be put in a week from today and is an overnight routine visit to the hospital for a strong woman in her 80's.

I'm gearing up for a line of races, one of which is to honor the memory of my Uncle James who left us August 2006 after a heroic fight with Leukemia. I also am still raising money (constantly and continuously looking for a cure or a breakthrough) by joining forces with Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I have to many family members who have been touched then ravaged by the cancer bug. So for the last few weeks our prayers have been focused on this disease and what its done to my family and how my Uncle, Aunt, cousins, mom and grandma are dealing with this new trial. I pray that everything will be brought forth in the way that God intends, what we can handle and we pray with results in our favor.

Please bless them and bring them into your graces and heal them. Lord, help
our family with whatever blessings or hardships you may ask us to endure. Place
your healing hand on those we love and give them your unending love and
strength. amen


Anonymous said...

Your right cancer does SUCK big time!! You know our love and prayers are with you guys.
Love ya, Kelli

Anonymous said...

tina which uncle? thinking of you.