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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Half Marathon Training

I started working out with the Fleet Feet group for the half marathon training this morning and it kicked my butt. I mean I'm not going for a time, I just want to finish but still. There was so much debris from the storm that it was hard to run and at one point I stepped on a branch and knew that I shouldn't have done that because 4 steps later was in excruciating pain from a calf cramp. But I finished. Marc had me to keep company at the end of the group and I set an astounding 11 minute mile time... AHHHH.... Then again I did have to stop for a potty break too. I'm just glad I finished this morning and we do speed intervals on Tuesday. I'm running (jogging errr..... walking fast) another 6 miles tomorrow, cross training on Monday and Wednesday, running again on Friday... or maybe I will need a day off. LOL.

We have a wedding in Feb and a trip to Disneyland during that time that I have to fit in good runs, not sure how I'm going to do that yet but we will see. I'm having fun and meeting new people so I'm excited about that... and of course exercising. who could possibly forget that.

My goals, Increase speed. Not die on the 8 mile run next week. Do all 20 miles for this week according to the plan. We'll see how I feel tomorrow and after Tuesdays interval training.

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