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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So due to circumstances beyond my control I have missed my speed training run tonight but I am hoping to run it tomorrow when the husband gets home. Here's my homework for tomorrow that will hopefully up my speed a bit.

1 mile EASY
1 mile TEMPO Pace
2 min walking rest (make sure to keep moving)
1 mile TEMPO pace
1 Mile EASY pace
Cool Down and stretch, rehydrate and pat yourself on the back for completing the workout . '

so thats about what I did last night too but tomorrow will be out on a track not in a nice cooshy gym... and the good thing is that there is nothing on tomorrow night so if I do have to wait till the kidlettes are beddy-bye then I can go to the germ-gym and work out. I have found that I increase the grade to 1.5 it makes up for the difference of working inside to outside. Of course I can't make up for the weather but I do have a better understanding of how fast and how far I'm going.

Tempo is a faster pace then normal easy run and slower than race pace so my hope is to up my pace from last Saturday from 11 minute mile formy first 6mile run to 10minute mile or even 9.5minute mile that would put me at 2h 20min on race day or under. My hope is to keep the pace there til the CIM in December.I know thats not great but this is my first race... of course I didn't just want to start with a 5k or 10k... but I'm a bit crazy I think. Anyhow that is my goal for tomorrow.

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