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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Step on a Long Journey

You know those goals I set for myself, like the Crazy half Marathon I want to run in March before I turn 30? Well I took the first step towards it this week and signed up for the Fleet Feet Half Marathon class. Of course it starts just after the first of the year so I need to be comfortably running 15 miles a week at 5 miles at a time. I'm not quite there with that little bout of bronchitis coming on.

Anyway I went to the gym yesterday and ran a good three miles and walked a half mile warm up and cool down. So tomorrow I'll do it all over again and hopefully three or four times a week till the 8th will have me up there. I'm excited and nervous... we will see how it goes. I need to stay motivated, that's my biggest problem, that and being in Disneyland for a week during training. OUCH! Must deny those Churos!


kerry said...

you know you can do it, if I can!!! I know my time wasn't amazing, but I did do it, and it felt so good afterwards. Good luck training.

Dirty Dancing Through LIFE said...

Kerry, What was your time? and I can't find any close in the 4t range... sorry must have given them away already. =(

♥ T

kerry said...

oh god my time was not 2 hours and something. but, I was it was boring. oky dokey. thanks though