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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What he wants for christmas

We have a very loving family. I love and adore my kids. Not that they don't drive me bonkers sometimes but all in all I am so blessed and excited to be raising two strong healthy and wonderful boys. In my heart I've been a little sad that I didn't get a girl but not ever disappointed. I couldn't trade either of my munchkins for the world. Given that, I cannot say that we haven't talked lightly about adoption. We don't have a lot of room and that is the biggest reason for not taking that into deep consideration, we have never talked about it out in the open or with the boys. then last night happened.
Hollywood is watching the news with me at 5:30. On Monday's that have a segment called Monday's Child about a child in need of an adopting home and family here in the north state. This sweet little three year old blond haired blue eyed girl ran across the screen. Sweet giggles and cute as a button. Wyatt looked at me and says, "Can we buy her? I want a sister." The fact that he knew she needed a home actually made me think twice, but I said, "We don't buy people but she does need a home. You understand that if we adopted any little boy or girl you would have to share a room with Blondy right?" He went on to tell me we could just trade Blondy for the sister. LOL. That is my boy. It did make me take under a bit more consideration the room in our hearts for another child. What blessings I have already and what ever may be in store for my future.

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Jenn said...

You are blessed.

And so are those that know you.