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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Have I told you lately...

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this is us on our honeymoon in maui 8 years ago
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this is a family pic from last winter 7.5 years and a beautiful family later
What a wonderfully Awesome husband I have. My husband works so hard to provide for us, that's why I call him my Firefighter Provider. He has become even more handsome since our wedding over 8 years ago or from the day we met (February 3rd, 1995 when I knew I would marry him someday). I feel that night was so meant to be, destiny or fate whatever you may call it. That night led me to today and I am the most blessed woman, wife, mother in the world to be sharing my life with him. He cleans (better than me), he can cook (when he wants, although his favorite idea of cooking is Applebee's or Chilli's LOL) He works in the kids classes, helps with their sports teams, helps my friends when they need a manly hand, fixes our friends kids bikes. My husband has an awesome job that takes him away from us but not quite the time that he used to be gone. He can choose when to work overtime and makes enough that I don't have to work if I don't want to. He loves his job (even though probie life isn't all that pleasant), loves helping others, loves fighting fire, loves holding babies in his arms until they can reach their mothers arms, literally bringing people back from the clutches of death, he has passion for it all still after 11 years of being a paramedic. He is a wonderful husband, father, brother, son, friend ... he is my very best friend and I am so thankful for that day 12 and a half years ago when his cousin introduced us on that dance floor. You, Honey, are my HERO.

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SAHMmy Says said...

What a guy! Make sure you let him read this so he knows how much you adore and appreciate him! Great reminder to wrap my arms around my sweetheart and say "Thanks!"