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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Care Package

I got to see my BIL on the web cam today. He looked really skinny but good. He says its been over 100 degrees and they wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. It takes him over an hour to get to the mess hall so he's snacking more than eating and heading over for a real meal only once a day. We went to Costco today ( got a new improved Costco and its like getting lost in retail heaven or hell depending on your mood) and bought him a bunch of treats, candy, nuts, jerky granola bars, rice crispy treats and he needed razors. The boys and Princess Nani made him pictures and I sent him a home made card. We miss him but this month has actually flown by for all of us and Smokin sista doesn't even look prego yet... she's 15 weeks along. Thats amazing and its her 3rd baby in less than 4 years. My sweet crazy sister is a saint although she'd never admit it.Mom and Dad too for keeping the house full of kids. I know some wives don't have that kind of support. We are lucky to have parents who are there waiting for us if we need them.
So things the boys need or want:
♥ sweets, hard candy, no chocolate
homemade cookies
dial soap
those fancy blue and orange razors
toothpaste and tooth brushes
non-perishable food
cards and pictures from home
power or protien bars
you thoughts and prayers
We have two boxes full and ready to send off. I hope he likes all the sugar I sent him. LOL
I also got to see Shannon today. I miss her. I don't see her enough. I hope this winter we see eachother more. She is a wonderful friend and I so blessed to have them in our lives.

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