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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guess What?

Thursday morning we had the best time. Hollywood woke up extra early at like 6:30am after hearing FFP's alarm go off and sneaked into our room. I was half asleep but awake enough to say groggily... "Guess What?"

He answered promptly and appropriately... "What?"

I answered very seriously, "Chicken Butt."

We all rolled around the bed laughing our silly heads off. Over and over saying to each other "Guess what?, What? CHICKEN BUTT" until we woke up Blondy...

Blondy enters the doorway to our room and says, "Guess What?"

FFP, Hollywood and I all say, "CHICKEN BUTT!" and he jumped into bed too. For a half of an hour we tickled and laughed and had a really great time. That Thursday morning we made a really great memory! I am so blessed.

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