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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Storms with no RAIN

Well its sure not raining down south. Those fires are no where near us but I still feel the stresses. My FFP is here. Probies are being sent on Strike-Teams. I know he is ticked off but I am OK with it. I would have been OK with it if he had gone too, for the fact that he would have had a lot of fun and had a new fire experience and of course the monetary benefits of a strike team. The winds are still bad. FFP teases that there is a natural fire break, its called the Pacific Ocean. Funny. What does it have to go through to get there and with the winds erratic and changing it doesn't really matter does it. I am praying for those in the areas affected. Praying for those who live and work where these fires and going on. I pray for those who have lost their homes. I of course pray for the firefighters and their families. I pray for Scotty who is down there dealing with those 4 firefighters who's engine was burned over Sunday and for that person who perished because of the fire. I know that Blondy's teacher is worried about her daughter who is attending college down there. There is so much to be worried about. I hope the winds stop. I pray for rain.

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