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Saturday, October 06, 2007

October is a lot of things....

Autumn hits full bloom, the weather is uneasy, warm one moment cool the next. Storms blowing in and blowing out. October is that month you think about pulling out the jeans and sweaters and sweatshirts. Make sure the kids have jackets before it gets too cold. Costumes and candy for the approaching Halloween festivities. Yes October is many things but to me its all for these things and so much more. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Its about getting the word out there about breast cancer, what to look for, what to say and do if you found something, how to tell those you know about what you've learned. Its the month to make a difference using Pink to our benefit. I have posted along my sidebar a pink ribbon that will link you to the breast cancer site. There by clicking on the correct panel you are raising money for free mammograms that are given away from this site. I hope every time you come to my page you take the time to click on over there.

Another place to click to would be 5 Minutes for Mom... they are giving away a sweet treat for you this month. A hot casio pink camera to take pix of all your favorite fall things. Its no trick. Go post a comment and test your luck. I sure am. I could use a little point and shoot for everyday snapshots. We will see how lucky we really are!

Yard sale next weekend so I don't think I'll be on much this week in preparation for the big fundraiser. I gotta get ready early since I've got two walks to pay for next year. OUCH!

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