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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shout OUT

I wanted to send a Shout OUT to my MIL who became officially a 4 year survivor of Breast Cancer on Tuesday, September 18th! Congratulations on your 4th of many cancerversaries!

Its almost October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Get your pink ribbons. Schedule your mamograms. Do your self breast exams. Save some lives. If you want to walk with me, for a little tiny 36 miles in two days, in SF in July 2008 or LA Sept. 2008 let me know. The More the Merrier. The more $$$ we make the closer we get to a cure and making those diagnosed with BC's lives more bearable and livable. The more women we get diagnosed early so we can save their lives; the more women and men are educated about what to look for so their chances of survival are probable. Help me make a difference.

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