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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kid Nation: Poop or Get off the TV sPot.

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I made FFP watch this last night and although me moaned and groaned he watched it with me and was pretty enthralled. We were both fascinated and intrigued by the depth of their bravery and commitment to each other. I hope my kids turn out like many of these kids. I see my favorites forming and unfortunately little Jimmy, the baby of the group chose to go home. he is only one year older than Hollywood and I don't think that I could stand for him to be gone for 40 days. I am impressed with this show and can't wait to put it on my "must see" list along with my list below.There were highs and lows to the show.
I liked how they were forced to work together to get anything and everything done. I don't like how the older boys were tagging all the bunk rooms and there was no sense of justice or law yet. No repercussions or consequences so far is a little scary to me. I love that they all completed the challenge so the whole town got a prize. Episode 1's prize was a choice; #1 port-a-potties galore. No more 1 potty for the whole town thank you very much. OR #2 a TV. Yes a TV. Hmmm. I don't know but I'm pretty sure even if TV's had been invented and in use in 1885 there really wasn't time for it. I vote for multiple Port-a-potties but that may be the practical mommy-ness in me. The "town counsel" got to choose one citizen to give the "Gold Star" too for really working hard and making the town run as smoothly as possible. the girl who won this week totally deserved it. it is worth $20,000. A nice chunk of change for her future.
I cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy and all the other shows I can't bear to miss. Biggest Loser came back on last week with some new twists and turns to keep us all wondering whats going to happen next. I've got Tues, Wed and Thur nights covered. Makes me sound like a couch potato. Good thing they are all after 8pm so I can put the babies in bed and enjoy a cup of tea while watching my favorite shows. Thank Goodness for FALL! New Premier's all this week and next week. I'll be worthless but entertained none the less.

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