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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Superman

My man of steel, my FFP, the stay at home accomplish all hubby. That's what he is. While I was at in the Bay Area celebrating my Uncles life (he passed away from Leukemia just a year ago) my hubby took they boys, and a friend to the department store to go school shopping for new shoes, socks, underwear and a backpack for the Blondy. They start school on Tuesday. I am so excited for them both. A new school I hope will be our last for a while. We have moved Hollywood to three different schools in three years. Too much but for reasons within and beyond our control we hope it is what is best for both of them.

I do not like to take the kids shopping with me. they feed off each other and drive me bonkers. I tend to leave either empty handed or having not found all I needed because I spent my time lecturing them on proper behavior in public places and not hitting, chasing or pinching each other in retaliation for either imagined or should be ignored behavior. FFP has far more patience or the kids just behave for him since they are more scared of him than of me. LOL
He is my Superman.

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