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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can't sleep and can't really talk about it.

I hate that. but I will continue to clean up around here and try for another round of sleep in awhile. Insomnia sucks but there is just too much to think about... and this is not the ideal time for thinking. It is the ideal time for sleeping ... I wish. Tomorrow is my Uncle James memorial and I feel the need to go, see family do some "putting to rest" per say. Essentially I am glad I get to go tomorrow since I didn't get to go to the funeral, I was in Kansas with Sandy right where Uncle James would have wanted me, but the feelings feel raw and new again and its been a year. That's not good. I spent half the night trying to find my hard copy of the letter I wrote to my cousins and Aunt and Uncle last year and can't find it anywhere. That makes me sad and really disappointed in myself. Maybe Lil' James can print it off the computer for me if he feels up to it and if he still has it. OK so off to unload the dishwasher and cry some fresh tears to cleanse my body before tomorrow. I hate feeling like this. LIMBO sucks. Insomnia sucks and tomorrow's 3 hour drive with sheer, utter exhaustion is probably gonna suck. I'll have to stop for a Starbucks then for a Sonic Blast in Woodland or something.

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