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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A bit of Tradition

I am thankful for Traditions of our family. Little things that make up the BIG picture. I thought about our traditions and those that others in our family hold and they make us feel at home no matter where we are. I saw my BIL walking around camp saying "goodnight tent, goodnight trees, goodnight sky" and waving to everything as he went along while holding my nephew Cooper in his arms getting ready for a nap. you gotta Love tradition (and routine). I hope that sticks with him or at least in his head so when he has kids of his own he can do the same. I love that Hollywood wants me to do Snug as a Bug in a Rug every night so he can sleep peacefully. I love that Blondy has to rub my nose, rub each cheek to his cheek, give me a sweet kiss then a big bear hug whenever I either leave him or he is ready for bed. I love saying our prayers with the boys on the nights that we all lay in Hollywood's bed after reading a story. I love tradition. I love that FFP and I have nick names for eachother, that we can tease eachother and laugh and play like we did when we first started dating (ahem... like 12 years ago). I love that we go cut down our own christmas tree almost every year, that we both grew up going camping and have a love for the outdoors (sorry honey, not especially for boats) and thats something we want to share with our boys, that we are making our own new traditions and mixing them with old traditions from both our families, and that feels so good. That makes me feel like I'm at home no matter where I am. This house, this city, is only a part of our home. These traditions will follow us or stay here with us but they are what make up this family and what my kids will remember. When they are off in collage, off making their own families and making their own traditions and holding onto some of ours. Those times will be the ones I remember. Thank God for traditions.

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