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Friday, August 10, 2007

Super Duper Campers

It has been TWO years since we have really been camping. We were really excited about going this year. Lots of friends and family, 5 campsites converging into one big playground for our kids. A warm lake to swim in. Good camp food. Too much to list. (see pic of Olivia, Hollywood and Blondy on the lake shore and the pic of the beautiful lake where Bald Eagles are frequently seen along with lots of squirrels and the occasional bear).

Gail made Hollywood a wonderful Fire Truck cake for his 7th bday and we celebrated Dr. Lind's bday along with Olivia (12y.o.) too. We had G'ma Margie and G'pa Derril out from the Big Lake to have dinner with us since we don't see them much while they are spending the summer at the cabin. All in all there were about 28 to 30 campers the whole weekend. We had game night (Melissa and Jim kicked butt at 80's trivia), and drank yummy mudslides. We got dirty... really, really dirty but had fun none the less. Blondy looked like a totally different kid by the time we got home. I washed him off and was so excited to see him under all the dirt and lake grime. The kids splashed and played (see Garin and Olivia's pic)
Big news is that I actually got into the boat and was driven across the lake to the "rock pile" without having a full blown anxiety attack. It has been a long time. A little anxiety yes but not a full blown attack thank goodness. We had a long visit with Tiff about being myself and some great advise about me being me was good enough and how I need to be realistic about things while still being the best caring person I can be. Its hard but as long as I am happy with who I am when I go to sleep at night that is what matters. I have always taken things personally without taking into account that others personalities and words or actions are not always my problem even if that means that they inadvertently hurt me. I need to let those things go. Apparently she has some of the same struggles that I have dealt with and its nice to hear from someone else's perspective, someone who is farther along in the self acceptance process than I am. Although I still have some issues with self esteem and self confidence its something that I know need to work on.
So we had three days of rest and relaxing (if you can call it that) but most of all a renewal of Spirit and rejuvenation. FFP needed it most. He has been working so hard and under different kind of pressure these last 8 months than the usual FFP stress. We got quality time with family and friends we don't see enough. I am thankful for the time and made a personal promise to myself and my family to go camping, get dirty and play more. These are the memories that are seared into their hearts and mine. If I can figure it out... I'll post Hollywood's video interview about our trip across the lake.

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Anonymous said...

Camping was PERFECT!! Only too short! We DO need to do it more often. There is something about the air at the lake. It does wonders for the spirit.

PS: We love you just as you are!