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Monday, July 16, 2007

What Doesn't Kill Us Can Only Make Us Stronger....
We don't always see things the way our spouse, lover, parent, child, friend or even foe may see things. We may say things and not know why or because we think we need distance so we push you away. We may be scared and unsure of where we are in our lives, in our hearts, in the eyes of those we love, so we retreat. But, just because we say that we are unhappy doesn't mean that we don't love you. I hope these words that hurt my friend so deep turn and help her find a way to help her love hold on. Any relationship is not just one sided but I know how hard it is to express our feelings the correct way, the way we mean them, without them coming out wrong or hurtful. I hope if you are reading this that I can help you or at least be a good friend who listens and gives you a shoulder to cry on. Retreat is human. Its easy, its that fight or flight and sometimes its just easier to push it all away and build a wall. I am that kind of person, I understand that. I get unhappy, do selfish things and wonder why FFP loves me anyway and in spite of it. I build walls and clam up. That's who I am. Sometimes I don't understand why I get unhappy but he still loves me and won't give up on me. I hope that gives you some hope, my friend, I hope you hear my words. I hope I can give you direction instead of sitting in a stale mate. Whatever you decide, I'm here for you.

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