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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry for the lack of blogging for the last week. When dear FFP is home my time on this here computer is limited. He just does not understand... and I understand that, don't like it but definitely understand. Anyhow now I have immerced myself in full blown Harry Potter-dom and I broke away long enough to cover the boys and let you know where I will be. I got up this morning drove the kids to Paradise, stopped to pick up a teaching shirt at works HQ and then stopped to buy HP#7 before class. Drove back to Paradise left my book with my mom and had serious HP withdrawls. Promised the boys I'd buy them each a book. Went to Target found them great books but walked out with another HP. Isn't that sad... mom doesnt need to buy one on Monday. She can have that one. LOL. I was called a Harry Potter nerd today. I am perfectly comfortable with that. I already know of one maybe two deaths and I'm only on page 100. OH OH OH. I cannot wait. But more blogging tomorrow because I cannot put down the book I will probably be done by then. Night all and happy Harry reading to all of you!

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melody is slurping life said...

Thanks for posting Parker's button!

About HP. I got it midnight Friday and haven't had a chance to begin reading it. Being the bad mom, I've hidden it from the two of my sons who want to read it. I may have to buy two more. :)