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Monday, July 16, 2007

Temper Tantrum Diverted... until further notice (or Dinner)
The morning temper tantrum was diverted although I am still unsure how... it just didn't erupt like the volcano I imagined. All in all they were very good... so far. We will be taking an adventure across the street for some Mommy time with girl friends while they play with their girlfriends (I'm in Charge (age7) and I'm 5 going on 21(age5) and of course Slugger (age 2). I'm 5 going on 21 has boys all figured out and It wont be long until I have to watch my boys VERY closely when they are around her. But thank goodness for I'm in Charge who will not let anything happen beyond her control.
I am so thankful to have friends so close, with kids close to my kids who don't mind me doing things like.... throwing up on their kitchen table or my kids throwing up on their front porch or come to think of it my kids as babies throwing up a whole bottle of formula at a Tupperware party. LOL. She still loves me even though it seems that we do have an allergy to her house. We have also received our fair share of germs from over there but they have a much larger back yard and not a dog to contend with so our time is better spent messing up and cleaning up over there.
Back to tantrums... the good thing about the Good Neighbor is that she doesn't mind at all and I don't feel guilty just packing up and walking out the door if things get hairy. I do feel bad when our time gets cut short but since it seems we will be here for awhile the Good Neighbor and I will continue to have girl time! Gotta love early morning walks and tea while the kids are at school. Stay tuned for the adventure to "Diego" live in Sacramento with all 5 children over Labor Day weekend. That should be fun.
Good news to report of course it comes with bad news to overshadow it but it seems that Smokin' Sista, Princess Nani and the Triple Threat Ty will be coming back to California shortly. My BIL will most likely be deployed to Iraq within the month to come and although I miss my Smokin' Sista terribly I would rather have her in Washington with Staff Sgt GI Bri safe and sound then him over there with all has been going on for the last few years, you know that war that I won't get into because my stance isn't necessarily my friends stance and I will not talk politics here if I can help it. LOL.

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