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Monday, July 16, 2007


I started out this lovely Monday morning with a tantrum from my youngest, the blond haired blue eyed bombshell. Its generally the same tantrum he throws at me EVERY morning but I really am getting tired of playing nice mommy. When has he ever come to me demanding PB&J sandwiches in the morning and actually gotten one? (This is to replace the obsession over Chocolate milk that caused a very extensive surgery on his mouth just less than a year ago). Not to say that Daddy has never given in. OK to tell the truth I did once but I gave it to him after a very nutritious breakfast first. I have come to the conclusion that one PB&J sandwich a day is OK... if that's what he wants but NOT for breakfast. I was hoping that lunch is a better solution but it appears he doesn't feel the way I do. Especially giving a child who already gets migraines (he just turned 5y.o.) and not able to completely pinpoint where they are coming from. I assume not from the PB since he has a headache that turns into a migraine about once every 4 to 6 weeks. I do feel that sugar and food dye play a big part but its very hard to keep DH from buying things like Trix yogurt and sugar filled cereal when I send him to the store. Good thing is that its summer so the house is full of fresh fruit that is easily accessible and much better than the refined sugary stuff that floats around in the fall and winter times.

My beautiful brown eyed boy Hollywood, on the other hand slept in late. Only to wake up in the same mood as the Blondy. He is obsessed with TV and Video games. Thank goodness we are going to my scrapbook party tonight at the neighbors so they will be forced to play outside at least for a few hours in the evening. I had to put my foot down... Blondy's turn first half hour choice, Brown haired boy next half hour then the TV is either off or mine. Lets see what tantrum I get at the 10:30hour. I know its coming... I am not looking forward to it. All I want to do is throw out the TV (at least on Mondays when there is nothing on... not on Thursdays (starter wife summer/Gray's anatomy fall) or Wednesday nights (Rescue Me) or Sunday nights (Army wives and Side Order of Life). OK so I like TV a little... but their daddy... he will watch TV just because he feels the need even if there is nothing on! Jeez... no wonder I fight this battle every day and I feel like the living room TV belongs to them not me. Someday I'll get to watch what I want. I think in about.... hmmmm... 13years.

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