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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I have so much to tell you. I went on a girl trip in early May with Kelli to Napa, went to the always awesome Napa Valley Day Spa and had a great Sugar Honey Glow that they therapist scrubs your body with honey sugar then puts on this really great lotion on that just makes you feel like your skin has never seen daylight, yum. Then onto the Sweedish message that lasted an hour. I feel asleep and actually drooled, then had a scalp treatment. Heaven on Earth I tell you. We were lovin life. We then went to Rutherfords for lunch. If you have eaten there then it is YOUR FAVORITE RESURANT IN THE WORLD. Everyone who goes there leaves a happier more ful-fulled person. LOL Have the ribs... they are to die for and the grilled aritchokes... yummy! We went back to the hotel and tried to reach Laura at Flying Colors tattoo. She told us to head on over tonight and she would fix us up. I had made an appointment like a month in advance and had checked everything on her to make sure this was not only a great artist but that she would take the best precautions possible while giving us great results. She did!

Last year on our girl trip we thought we would do something we had both been talking about for a long time. Get tattoos. I really wanted mine to be on my scar from where they removed the skin cancer but I was told it wouldn't take. We had decieded to give it a year and on the next girl trip we would do it. So we did it. LOL Kelli got a beautiful tattoo of two tulips with her sons initials in the heart of the stem. Its is a great tattoo.

Mine is what some call a "tramp stamp". LOL I love it though. Beautiful colors at the small of my back remind me of all my boys, Blue, yellow, orange and red for the colors of fire- the fire that burns for my DH the new Fire fighter on C shift vacaville. The blue also for my boys, they are all boy and love to wrestle, get dirty and be all around boys all the time. The Butterfly is for me... for all the changes I've undergone in the last few years. I hope I'm being the best mommy I can be and the best wife my husband deserves. He sure does like the tattoo though. LOL

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