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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Know that they are his KIDS too

I know that he is just as capable of taking care of them as I am... but I still worry. I worry when he takes them out on the boat in the River. I worry for a million reasons I cannot even rationalize but what can I say, I am my grandmothers grand daughter.
I remember my grandma calling to check if everyone was OK every time a fire truck or ambulance drove by on HER side of town. I remember her doing head counts when there were only three of us to count. To tell you the truth she couldn't ever get our names right the first time and I inherited that from her too. I am always calling Hollywood Blondy and vise versa. I miss my grandma but she left me with "WORRY" as one of my personality quirks.
Back to my hubby.
FFP and Grandpa D are taking the boys out on this boat. I told him before he left to not forget to put sunscreen on them. Take their hats and make them wear them. Pack blondy a PB&J so he will at least eat something and not to forget to put sunscreen on himself.
He hears something like "You don't know how to take care of the kids, let me tell you how its done."
I feel like I'm just giving him gentle reminders since it is me usually toting the sunscreen, towels extra clothes, bug spray etc. I guess that's why they are from Mars and we reside happily (or whatever) on Venus.

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