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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Awesome friends

I have a friend who is a "surgeon's wife" (SW)

She doesn't want to be known as the "Surgeon's Wife" even though he is awesome... at his job and as a person but his occupation is not all that he is.

I totally get that. She wants others to look at her and Surgeon like they are normal day to day people like you and me (although I would not call myself normal or abnormal, just unique).

I love her because she's a wonderful friend, I love spending time with her and talking, swimming or having an occational coffee. She's a mom who has the same type of beliefs about life and parenting that I do and she totally ROCKS!

I was having a conversation about SW with BFF and she decided that she really likes SW even though she has never met. The same for Good Neighbor who has met BFF less than a handful of times. Then there is my Washington friends who haven't met any of my other friends I think.

This is so sad! How did I get so many great friends and they are all so far away from eachother?

I guess I'll have to have a party.
...and No party would be complete unless there was a pitcher of Surgeons awesome margaritas!

P.S. I have a (sugnificant) birthday in only 8 months you can all attend and finally meet and I cannot tell a lie...
...I do love presents!

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Anonymous said...

A party? I love parties and presents!! Since I didn't get my big party this year we should have a shared one then we get twice the great friends who have never met and twice the presents!!!! Love always Kelli