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Friday, July 27, 2007

He is not without Redeeming Qualities.

My hubby, my dear FFP had the children all by himself today. He took them on a play date to their new school that they will start in just a few short weeks with Good Neighbor and her children. He went and picked out a cake for Hollywood's birthday party tomorrow at Baskin Robins and left with two extra ice creams. He took them to the Sporting Goods store to pick out new sleeping bags for the family camping trip next week and got them each a set of baseball cards too. He is exhausted the poor soul, after spending the day spoiling the children. I almost feel bad for him. He did forget that there is Karate today too but I am afraid to give him that gentle nudge (see post below) for fear of hurting his fragile, I am Dad, ego. I did it anyway, i mean I called and gently reminded him.
He is the sole supporter of our family. He feeds us, keeps the roof over our head, heat on in the summer, AC in the winter, clothes on our backs so considering what other mommies go through I have it pretty good with my hands on daddy. He also runs into burning buildings which scares me to no end. Especially since two bay area fire fighters lost their lives this week and they both had wives and young children. My heart goes out to them. I am clinging onto the belief that these are statistics but that all changed when my BFF told me that one of those FF was her hubby's childhood friend. I get personally and emotionally involved with a situation sometimes to a fault. I have learned in instances of FFP going into the prison, going into unknown homes for medicals that I need to separate myself a bit and just have faith that everything will work out. Then move forward. I have the same feelings for my sister who's hubby is in the Army. I have to remind myself that there are dangers here at home down the street, around the corner that I have no control over so again... have faith. Faith lifts you above the day to day anxiety driven world. Faith lifts you to a place of hope and commitment to more than yourself. They are in the hands of something (or Someone) more powerful than ourselves. So I will continue to worry about my FFP, my children, my BIL but knowing that they are no safer with me than anywhere else I will just have FAITH.

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