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Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter IS DONE!

I can't believe it. I really expected to feel the HP let down but it didn't come... yet. I feel really good about the way she wrapped up the series. I still have some questions but I have a feeling that while reading to Wyatt from book 1 on to 7 I should pick up on things I may have missed on my power reads. He can't wait. Jackson is bit young I think and I'll need to curb my reading to him, maybe some magic tree house books or Wishbone perhaps. I am really looking forward to some one on one time with Wyatt and Jackson seperately.

School starts just 3 weeks from today. I am not ready for my baby to go to Kindergarten. I'm not I'm not I'M NOT! I don't remember much from kindergarten or first grade but I remember A LOT from second grade and I hope Wyatt's experience is as wonderful this fall as mine was a Las Juntas with Mrs. Tutt. Actually all my teachers at LAS JUNTAS were great right up til 5 grade. Mrs. Edmonds was a bit odd, small woman with red pixie cut hair. I remember little from that year, only that she wrote on the chalk board."Whoever told you that anything was possible never tried to dribble a football". What the H*LL? And why do I remember THAT 20 years later. Damn I'm old. LOL

Ok so I am now going to read the Lance Armstrong book. I should probably finish Wicked and Under the Banner of Heaven before starting something else. I have this drive to read non-ficton right now (HP7 excluded). Not my usual style. Children are getting in the way of that though. I have a feeling that with school starting I will have little time for little things like reading for me. To read about my creature comforts including reading, you can follow the link above. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel... Winter break is only 22 weeks away!

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canape said...

Hey - sorry for the off topic comment. I've been trying to track you down though - and the AWBC blog doesn't accept comments - then I noticed that this was you too.

I need an email address so I can send you the code for the Team Whymommy button.