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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Its almost summer...

School is out and fire season has started early and with a heavy hand!

What am I to do? They boys are going to be out of school for eight whole weeks. Actually tomorrow is Jackson's last day of Pre-School. He will officially be in Big Boy School next fall. I had to register him in the Kindergarten class at Vacation Bible School. Wyatt has two more weeks left. It is moving so quickly. Wyatt will be a second grader next year. Lets just see what school he gets into. We are in a district that has consistently "underachieved" according to the state. The bad thing is that there may be kids in the class who need more one on one and Wyatt being so high in first grade standards may get bored OR it could be good because they get special funding and special programs that we don't get at the higher achieving schools. more chances to use the computer lab and other funded projects that he may benefit from. I really hope they take us back at the one we are at now. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Chris had his first modular test for his probation period today, one down 5 to go. Thank God he passed. YEAH! He also got a ripping structure fire this week. Fully involved house fire where he got to stand at the door and shoot water into the house because it wasn't safe to go for an interior attack. THAT IS A FIRE! Although he isn't in any of the pix I'll post some of them here. They aren't great quality but that's OK. You'll get the gist. He got three more structure and two more vegetation fires today around his testing times. He is truly a firefighter/paramedic. I've heard of medic/ff who haven't even got a structure yet and Chris has had like... 5 I think. Wow pretty good for a probie. I'm so proud of him.

My sister is coming home in a couple weeks with my brother in law and niece and nephew too! I'm so excited! I haven't seen them in so long. Since last August. Oh and I start Guitar lessons on Tuesday. I'm really nervous about that. I'm doing "Fill the Boot" with Chris in Vacaville. That will be fun. Someday we'll even get to take a vacation! LOL alright that's all for now. I'll let you know if there is any more "family scoop!". Today is Jackson's second full fledged migraine. I think its regular hot dogs. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the chicken kind in corn dogs. I'll eliminate and see how it goes.

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Crazy Mom said...

A teacher friend told me that if the school in your district is underachieving, you can request transportation of your child into another district. Andie's school isn't THAT bad, but it's not that great (according the, so I actually applied for a transfer into another district. She is bright, and I wondered the same thing as you...are they going to concentrate so hard on the failing kids that the smart ones get pushed to the side? Well, after talking to the principal, and seeing the other schools (over-achieving but full of stuck up smart and rich kids), I decided to keep her where she is. The principal compromised with me...Andie will go into a 2nd/3rd grade combo, and if the 2nd grade work is too easy for her, they will seamlessly move her into 3rd grade. So...I suggest looking at all your options and remembering that it may be better to let your kid be a smart kid among similar peers, than a struggling smart kid among even smarter peers. (I know this from hearing the personal experiences of my mom - who was pushed into gifted schools by her parents...way long story, and sad.)