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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rosie VS Elizabeth from "The View"

If you are Anti american do not read this blog

If you watch "The View" and agree with Rosie O'Donnel DO NOT READ THIS

If you feel that our Brothers and Sisters who are fighting for our
freedoms and to keep terrorists off our land are TERRORISTS THEMSELVES. Do not read this BLOG

You have been warned.

Rosie vs. Elizabeth

I'm obsessed I can't freakin help it. Its like watching a freaking Donut/potato chip/ice cream truck/ pig farm train derail. She makes me sick. I have a brother-in-law in the Army here stateside. I have my best friend from high school and his wife in the Coast Guard. Many of my sisters friends husbands are deployed and in Iraq right now. One missed the birth of his son because he was busy keeping OUR country SAFE! Ok he missed it because he had to travel from Iraq to Kansas for two weeks they gave him to see his baby then went back only to be extended another three months on top of his year away. I talk to my Brother-in-Law Brian's friend John EVERY COUPLE DAYS by email from Iraq. Its his job to keep the trucks running so they don't get blown up by roadside bombs set by Iraqy CHILDREN!

She as such odasity that I wish I could kick her ass right now, but I'm afraid she would shock me by throwing potato chip crumbs in my face and sitting on me. Ouch all that salt made you bloated and potatoes and grease made you a porker. Ok I'm better now. I'll wrap this up. Below is the page about the story and the link if you want to watch it. Every word out of her mouth makes me feel very dirty and unamerican. I just wanted to world to know that I love my country and I am proud of our troups. THEY ARE NOT THE TERRORISTS!!!

TERRORISTS BLEW UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN OUR COUNTRY! THE PENTAGON and THAT PENNSYLVANIA FIELD WITH OUR CIVILIANS, NOT SERVICEMEN IN IT! TERRORISTS CAUSED THOSE TWIN TOWERS TO COLLAPSE KILLING MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO DIE, or GO ON WITHOUT THOSE THEY LOVE. Rosie says we cleaned it all up too fast. What is too fast? Did they dump it in the bottome of the potomic River or in the Hudson? NO Rosie, DONT YOU SAY IT WAS TOO SOON TO CLEAN UP THE TOWERS. They made a freakin battleship out of the steel that crushed our firefighters, police officers and paramedics. Our friends neighbors and loved ones were in there. Those people who tried to save those lives are paying the price from breathing the toxic fumes from the days and weeks after. It was not healthy to have the aftermath left there. You are an idiot Rosie. You need to get your facts straight before you open your trap of a mouth and stick the state of TEXAS in it again. I have so much more to say but I am sure you are all tired of hearing it. I don't care if you agree with our president or not. I don't care if you have never loved or cared for someone who is in the US military. You don't have to be from any particular political party to feel like you are supporting our troops. I lied about being done earlier... now I'm done.

Tina Mickelson

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