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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank GOD it is Friday...

I am so thankful that it is Friday. I might even get to see my husband for a few hours on Sunday. I will skip church again because I have such little time for Chris and am feeling guilty. I feel guilty about everything these days. I feel guilt over yelling at my kids even when I take them to do special things with them, make their favorite foods, get them Dutch Bros "Not so hot chocolates" or take them to a very special lunch, they don't appreciate it and demand more. They throw a temper tantrum when I say the word "No". I am so tired and wish that they would give me a break once in a while. So tonight Chris has a big banquet in Vacaville so he will be home much later than normal (like 10 or 11pm) I teach 9-1pm tomorrow. I have to go to a bridal shower tomorrow at 3 and he has the bachelor party tomorrow at 6-10. So Sunday is it. I teach all next week like crazy and the next week the kids are off so I probably wont be able to work at all. OK so maybe I'm not happy its Friday. I will be happy when its the end of March and I get to spend some time with my husband again. LOL

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