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Friday, February 16, 2007

On a better note:

By Eric Blehm

I love to read. Did you know that? I'll read just about anything. Most of the time I read mindless silly books that are just fun because they are quick and funny and I can read them in one night without too much thought. LOL. I have little time with two crazy little boys running around to read books like Alex Haley's Roots (I did read it in 8th grade though). It just takes concentration that I can't commit to at the moment. I have been known lately to read books like Janet Evonovich's Stephanie Plum series or Fern Michael's Sisterhood series and even some of those steamy, todrid, trashy romance novels that only some of us admit to reading. LOL.

But my friend Jenni has been telling me about this book that a friend of her dad wrote. So here I am making an effort and actually taking the time to read a thought provoking novel that holds literary accomplishments and makes me want to make the world a better place. Its about the disappearance of a back country California summer ranger from Kings Canyon and the search that ensued. It is extremely well written and has a true life mystery that is even more sorted and unknown than that of a fictional book. It is wonderfully written and thoughtfully insightful. Even though Eric Blehm didn't know Randy Morgenson, his love for the wild shows through in his accounts of Randy's life. So I encourage you to read "The Last Season". It is new to paperback at Barnes and Noble for about $12 and so worth it. Its one of those books that you want to share and keep for yourself at the same time. I hope you have the chance to enjoy it. I'm thankful that I can share it with you.

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