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Friday, February 16, 2007

OK so I had a awful week but I'm getting over it. I just need to voice some final thoughts. I'm working hard, doing some soul searching and taking into account some of the things that the people who love and support me have said. Someone said that they are proud of me for doing this, standing up and addressing the issue and calling those who were wrong out. It took an tremendous amount of strength that I was not sure I posessed. It could have been really easy to just say nothing. To walk away and try to get over it.
Being a doormat is no way to live your life. If I had just walked a way a few people would have taken that as an invitation to keep up the attack, some just didn't understand what the big deal was and some pretended that they didn't understand but really know that what they did was wrong, just would never admit it. There is a crazy sense of entitlement that is going around like the plague. I will speak in simple terms so that you will understand. Those of you think:
-Its OK to hurt people if you are insecure.
-Its OK to hurt someone if you don't like them because that is what you are told to do.
-Its OK to take advantage or ignore someone who is trying to do their job because you don't like them.
-It is OK to be disrespectful and disruptive to someone else because you don't think they will say anything
-its OK to get involved with a situation that has absoluly nothing to do with you.
-Its ok to text message one of my friends who sends me good wishes and support with disgusting name calling because it makes you look like a bad ass. By the way... it doesn't.
How insanely ridiculous and how immature. So I'm glad I went above you, because I can. Because I am not a doormat or the lovely other names I have been called this week. Had I stood by quietly, those of you who think its fun to torment others would continue to do so and I'm a target either way. So go ahead. Be immature, be hurtful and mean. It does not make you intelligent or more likable to act like imbeciles. It makes you look ignorant, evil and like bullies. This is no longer grade school. Some of you are in your 30's. So I feel sorry for you. Take your lies and your "I'm a better person." and prove it.
There are some of you who have come forward with true and sincere apologies and I commend you. You are right, you are not the kind of person who says hurtful things to make yourself feel better. Your apology is more than expected, it gives me hope, it restores some truth and goodness to a situation that is so negative. It definitely shows maturity, grace and dignity. Whether we are or are not friends is not the issue. I want you to know that my respect for you has just increased tremendously and I have never had any disrespect for you. Respect, oh that is a whole new blog and I said I was getting over this didn't I.

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