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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Why must people wait to earn someone elses respect? Shouldn't we just respect someone for who they are? That is how I live my life. That is how I am raising my children. I feel that everyone's opinions are valid. They may be hurful and mean hearted but valid. Actions and words are not necessarily opinions, and are the things that can hurt someone else.

Respect. Ohh someone said to me this week a string of words that made a sentance. It always amazes me how a sentance can be so powerful and put perspective on my situation.

"You cannot have respect for others without first having respect for yourself"

I pride myself on being a respectful person. I respect everyone's right to mess up or fix thier own life. I respect my love for my family and your love for yours. You would not walk down the path of the park and throw garbage on the ground when you could easily walk to the garbage can. You would not disrespect the park, nature that we are so blessed to have but you have no problem throwing someone elses feelings, rights or respect on the ground and smashing it to make yourself feel or look better.

You may say, "its not about you" in so many less words and much less profanity. But you made it about me. You personally attacked me then said... I didn't do it. You totally disrespected me by intentionally not listening to me. So I am a grown up. I believe that my respect for someone is there because they have the right to live their life the way they wish but all my respect as disipated and is gone... Do not fight me on this. I will stand strong. I will talk to you in person if you want but do not throw lies at me like you do with everyone else. This WAS about me but now it is about you and the disrespect I feel for you with good and earned reason. You can only respect anything else if you can first respect yourself. It is too apparent that you do not.

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