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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Training center faculty for BLS classes (CPR and FA)

So this is my official position, I think. I still don't know exactly what it means. I mean I kinda do. We will see. I'll ask Bob tomorrow. Just doing some research to see if the AHA has more guidelines to what this position entails. I'll update you later, probably after I get a better footing. Still no elk, still no babies. Pretty boring day. We should have gone to Church but this migrain is kicking my butt. Our day in a nutshell. We are getting KFC for dinner. I am not a motivated person today.

I miss my husband and this is Day 5... The bad day. Its always the bad day but that means that tomrorrow will be better. The boys have school. I'll go to work. We'll come home, do homework, go to children's' choir practice at 5pm come home, eat dinner and go to bed. That is my ultimate plan for tomorrow.

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