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Saturday, November 04, 2006

All the beginnings and a few ends...

For those of you who don't know I put a letter of interest in at work for the Director of Education position. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Christie is in that position now and there are rumors that they will make that a full time spot with some training and CQI involved too. I am not qualified for that spot. You need to be a paramedic and I have no interest in going there. Then they are hiring someone to help with the claims. That is in my spot downstairs... So where does that leave me. They give my part time spot to a full time employee. I do not want full time, and they make the spot I want in Education into a full time spot I'm not even qualified for. So anxiety has wracked my mind for the last few days. I've been waiting for Bob, our general manager, to give me the news or the boot... ouchhh.

Thursday I see Bob in the hall. Bob... Hall! HA! I made a funny. If you knew Bob you'd understand. Anyway. He says "are you Tina D. ? " OK Tina, keep your composure. "Yes" Bob chuckles. "You sign your name the same way as the other Tina." Tina, don't open your mouth or you'll say something really stupid. "Please don't say that. We don't sign our names the same." that's all I said. He told me he needed to talk to me and that it would probably be tomorrow and he had another idea for me He thought he would put me in the garage cave scary spider filled room at St. 3 with a computer and a phone so I could pull old tickets all day. "You are kidding,... Right?" Yea he was kidding and he really thought he was funny too. Men. So I have building anxiety. Did the other Tina apply for the spot too? Crap.

Friday. This nice guy walks in the door. Mayli comes down to talk to him. She takes him upstairs. They talk. They come downstairs and Mayli introduces him to everyone. He starts Wednesday. That's my spot. Panic is sinking in slowly. I take a package upstairs to Bob. This is the revised, modified, in not so many words version of the conversation. He says, "come in, close the door, sit and lets talk." Crap again... "Do you want the good news or the bad news." " Well I'm going to hear them both so it doesn't matter right?" He's giving me the bad news first I just know it. "Ok the bad news first." CRAP. "We are making Christie"s position full time with training too. You are not a paramedic, so you are not qualified." Then some other stuff "blah, blah, blah." that I probably shouldn't post on a public blog. OK, I get that and am cool with it too. I'm not qualified. Done. "We hired someone downstairs to help with the claims. We needed someone who was more consistant and here on a 8:30am-5pm basis to help the girls. Chris's job doesn't do that for you right now." I am OK. Lost my job but I'm ok..."The good news is that we need a American Heart Association BLS (I think? training center coordiator?) Blah Blah Blah... " I lost him there for a minute. I didn't loose my job. PHHHEEEWWW. Didn't really hear any thing else, but I still have a job. Do I have a desk? Who knows. I have no idea where to start except for making the schedule for the CPR and First Aid classes for next year so far. Making sure the maniquins and books and paperwork is done to the AHA standards. yeah what does that mean? But its a start. And although I will really miss working for Willie, she's one of my favorite people, I love that I will be working in the education department. That is where I feel that I can fulfill the most of my potential. So the end of downstairs and upstairs I move. Not knowing what that means quite yet...

Chris missed or Near Missed, or something like that, the biggest Bull Elk he's ever seen up close and personal today. Damn, I'm hoping they would come back early. Good though, because the taxidermist would cost a fortune and there would be no where to put the huge Elk head and horns. LOL Not in my house anyway, and definatly not in my room. I got rid of the Badger not to get an elk head in its place.

Still no baby for Jenny B.

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