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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday Day 7 and we are all still in one piece... With no peace.
I am so thankful that Chris called to say that they would be home on Saturday afternoon. I'm so ready. The boys haven't seen anything in two days. Wyatt and Jackson have had a rough week already. Jackson forgot to put on his "listening ears" yesterday at school apparently and went to time out. That is not like him at all. Wyatt cried all the way home yesterday with a headache and promptly took a 2.5 hour nap. Of course he didn't want to go to bed last night until 10pm. This morning went a lot more smoothly. THANK GOODNESS.
Lets talk about Sex,... Mommy.
Saturday we were driving along and Wyatt asked about Allan's funeral. I told him that it was so neat that everyone had different things to say about him but one thing was always the same, Allan was great at showing his love. I asked him how I showed him that I love him. He listed off things like making him his favorite foods when he asks, tucking him into bed, kissing him goodbye (which he promptly wipes off) and telling him how much he makes me proud. Those are all good things. I asked him how I show Jack and Grandma and Grandpa,, Annie (Aunt Sandy) and Aunt Kelli how I love them. He replied with such sincerity. I call them just to say hello. I take time to do special things with them. I give them hugs. Oh and he said that I show Daddy that I love him when I give him kisses and when we have sex. Yea. I was so shocked that I had to pull over to the side of the road to think about that one. I told him that that wasn't something that he had to worry about. Mommy's and Daddy's do show eachother that they love eachother that way but not something that he talks to his friends or anyone else about that right now. If he has questions he can ask me or Daddy, preferably me so I can give him the mommy version. Everyone who knows Chris should understand why. He said, "OK." and that was it. Can you believe it? Did I handle that well? I don't even know if I said the right thing or not. What kind of parents are we?
AHHHHHHH!!!!! Is it Saturday yet?


Wendy said...

Ahh, out of the mouths of babes! Too funny, and I think you handled it quite well.

Jen said...

Wow! I guess I will be handling things like that one day!!! I think you did just fine. :-)

The sorta single mom said...

Chris is home. He laughed his head off. I think he is glad he wasn't here. They came back early and empty handed. He is hunting for Pheasant today. I let him go. I think I deserve a break too. Hmmm a massage maybe?