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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The incredible, not-so-edible, Magnificent, marvelous
Sister Sandra
and her side-kick Kids Nani and TJ

My sister is Sandy. She twisted my arm and made me write a blog on her. Held a gun to my head and everything... Can you believe it? What kind of sister is she anyway. SHEESH!!

Just kidding. well kinda, LOL Sandra is a great sister. Not many people call her Sandra, but for me, its a term of endearment. When she is on my mind more than usual or I see her for the first time in ages I call her Sandra. She is a thoughtful and caring person, to me, to her friends to everyone. She is a great mom. Nani and Tyler are growing up so fast, thankfully with a great role model (even though I'm all the way in Califonia I can see that). I wish I could see her more and can't wait until she moves to Washington so we can spend 3 and 4 day weekends with them. I love my sister and hope that she is enjoying being a mom. Sometimes you have to be reminded to stop and look at all the cute things your kids do. Look past the screaming, the tantrums, the butt wiping and listen to their words and their coos. Sometimes the perfect day is cuddling on the couch watching Telatubbies or Doodlebops with them. Making cookies or drinking Kool-Aid and laughing at eachothers pink mustaches. I hope my sister has those days with her kids and makes her own because those are my memories that I cherish. I wish her only happiness and somedays, just to get by. I understand... I love her and hope she is having a good day at Jessica's shower. MMWWAAHH to you and the side-kicks.


Bri_and_Tys_Mom said...

Ahhh thank you you are the greatest sister in the whole wide world and I couldn't have asked for a better role model too. I also love those nephews you gave me. I love you! Keep the Blogs coming about me. And you weren't supposed to tell people about the gun to your head. That was between us. k. love ya, Your little Sista

Jessica said...

I completely agree with every part of this. Sandy is a wonderful mom and the best friend ever. She has been such a support for me and even since Dave left, she has really been there for me. She even drives me all of the way to Kansas City for my appointments so i dont have to go alone. It's the small things she does that make a huge impact on my life and my kids. And she is an incredible mom. She always posts pictures and makes sure she takes some of everyone else. I could go on forever but I won't. We love having her a part of our family.
Jessica Cahill