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Thursday, March 26, 2009

At war

We as parents and as a community are at war with our school district and school board. They are going to lay off 68 teachers and take away our class size reduction because there is Less than NO money. Thats bad. So we are fighting to get back CSR and Music, PE and Fine Arts and the teachers that go with them for our kids. If money comes up... thats where it goes. I'm speaking up at board meetings, I'm writing letters and asking questions. I will push until I can't anymore and then I'll pull until they give us something back. I'm mad.

You are hurting no one but our children. Step up to the plate. Too many cheifs and not enough indians down at the district office is giving this city a bad name.

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LaiLani Ali said...

California is so screwed with funding. Reductions in spending should come from ANYwhere but the schools.

I say- let some prisoners free. The ones whose crimes no one really cares about.

Who needs a bunch of stoners taking up thousands of dollars every month to sit in a jail cell when they could be doing the same thing at home, on their couches? It's not like they leave their houses anyway- except to visit Taco Bell drive through.

That's it- I'm starting a campaign to set stoners free for the sake of the children. Hahaaa- what could POSSIBLY go wrong.