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Monday, February 16, 2009

Disneyland Recap

We took off early on Tuesday morning and made it to our hotel right across from Disneyland by 3:30. The room was not what I expected but for $407 for 4 nights I should not have expected much. I swear the mattresses were like 2 inches thick and the whole outdoor stairway always freaks me out. We didn't spend much time there for the week though. That night the kids swam in the indoor pool but I was so bummed that they didn't have a treadmill and the area around the park is not safe enough for me to go on a run by myself so walking through the park had to suffice.

Wednesday morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed out to California Adventures first since we all wanted to ride on Soaring over California and FFP and Blondy wanted to ride on the Grizzly Rapids. We did the new ride "Toy Story Mania" over by the pier then headed over to Tower of Terror so I could take Blondy to his favorite ride and on the way back hit Monsters Inc. ride. My little guy is such a dare devil and the bigger one(s) not so much. It took a long time to convince Hollywood that he liked Space Mt. once we got over to Disneyland but now its one of his favorites and I swear he rode the Matterhorn like 50 times this year. He also got to ride on Indi this year and it was so funny to watch him run up and get measured every time we went because he knew they would pull him aside anyway. They did it outside the ride then inside before we even loaded. We did ride the train because the boys wanted to see the outside of the park. It was quiet and short especially since we made it to Tomorrowland and they were ready to jump onto Space Mountain.
But when we were in California Adventures the hubby made me ride on the stupid orange swing bee hive thing and I about had a panic attack in the air. You will NEVER catch me on that again. We were there from 10am til 8pm and we were wiped out.

We got up Thursday and did it all again. The lines were longer and there were a lot more people there today. We didn't get to ride as many rides since the lines were a lot longer. We hung out at Disneyland for the most part today and hit our favorites over and over including Pirates of the Caribbean.Blondy and I did Splash Mt. and sat in the back and we only got the bottoms of our pants wet. YEAH!We kept running into people from Chico. Its such a small world... oh we didn't do that ride even though I WANTED TO. Oh well. I'm going to take a personal day to ride what I want next time we go. I got to ride the tea cups this year and I haven't done that since I was 7 I think. We did meet up with the McJunkin family at the Rainforest Cafe and had a great dinner. I love spending time with them. Their kids are great and they have a little girl Hollywood's age I can spoil. We hit a couple more rides after dinner then headed back to our sad little hotel that was like half a block away. I guess you trade quality for price and location. OH WELL.

Friday we spent the day with the McJunkins but get a few things in before the meet up. I wanted to do some pics over at Pirates Island (formerly Tom Sawyer Island) and Blondy and I did Splash Mt. one more time. FFP and Hollywood ran down to ride Matterhorn (again) and then we all got together and went to Toontown. I was starving so I searched to whole park for a turkey leg that I wanted last year and didn't get but being lunch time and all they were all out. So I grabbed the next best thing, bacon wrapped asparagus skewer and a spicy beef skewer in Adventure land. It started raining in Toontown and rained hard for 4 or so hours. We ate lunch and hung out at some indoor rides. Luckily we had all bought the kids slickers at Rainforst Cafe and no other kids looked like our kids so they were easy to spot. It did clear out a lot of people though and that evening it was easy to hit the rides we wanted. We took all the big kids (minus mrs.mcj and Matthew) and went on Space Mt one more time with the fast pass and then got stuck at the Matterhorn AGAIN. The little McJ's wanted to ride too. Eventually we picked up a package for the neighbor since the kids broke her Disneyland snow globe and needed to replace it and I sent them on their way back to the hotel to dry out and change before going to dinner with the McJ's at Hooks Point over by Disneyland Hotel. We had a yummy dinner and made a fast trip to CA to hit California Screaming. It was so cool to get a single rider pass then just jump in front of everyone in line and ride. I'm so using that next year. It was... well there is a reason they call if Cali screaming because its fast and high and well it makes you scream. When I was done I rushed Blondy over to the tower of Terror while FFP did one last ride on Soaring over California. We headed to Disneyland as CA was closing and caught the ... you guessed it Matterhorn for our last ride and the fireworks display for our Finale to this trip.


Carolina John said...

sounds like a great trip, Tina! glad you guys all had a good time.

LaiLani Ali said...

Aw, I want to go to Disneyland! But on a warm spring day with no rain & no lines for 1/2 price.
Dreams can come true, right?

P.O.M. said...

Looks like fun. My ex went to Chico St., but he's a bit older than us.