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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The best present of all

Its been a long 6 months since one of my dearest friends chose to face life and its trials without me. That choice she made hurt me but I understood and I choose to wait as long as I could. But this holiday season found me sad and regretting that I had let that time go too long. I was afraid that the time would go by too easily and we may not find our way back to each other. That sadness and regret unfortunately turned to anger and frustration. I took it out on the hubby but the hubby did something about it and took it to her hubby (tactfully) and he brought the issue up with her.

I understand that this is a hard time for her. Her home and her memories are gone and all the traditions wrapped up in them are hard to follow threw when you still live in the past. Understanding I am but also human, also a friend who has been locked out for way too long. I don't want her to worry about me, I know she doesn't have that in her right now. I just want her in my life. Thankfully our hubbies still do things together.

The morning after the "talk" that the boys had I was walking aimlessly through Target when a phone call comes across my cell. I look and see that it is her. Afraid that I will cry in the middle of the store I chose to not answer it and head for check out. I would call her when I got to the car... but when I head towards that direction she is standing there with the phone to her ear leaving me a message. What did we do? We cried right there in the middle of the store. Tears of happiness, sadness, regret and reconciliation. We walked talked and shopped. I hope this is the beginning of our new beginning because I can't stand to not have her in my life. Fate stepped in again and on Tuesday Hollywood's class was at the same field trip as her sons. The boys connected too. A bit of fate wrapped in a Christmas Celtic Christmas.

Her text to me: We R meant to be.

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LaiLani Ali said...

I'm so happy for you. Good friends are hard to come by.